Green School

The Green School in the Botanic Garden of the Johannes Gutenberg-University was described by the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth, and Culture in Rhineland-Palatinate as "a school-like environmental education facility in the Rhineland-Palatinate (SchUR)."

A major focus of the Green School is the raising of awareness about the importance of biological diversity, its conservation and sustainable use. Moreover, we aim to stimulate children's and young people's enthusiasm for nature and science at an early age as well as intensifying the links between the university and the schools in the region.

The Green School's offers room for
Courses for school classes
Environmental education for children and teenagers
Courses for teachers and other educators
Teaching students
Continuing education and public talks
Scientific meetings

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Dr. Ute Becker
Green School in the Botanic Garden
Faculty of Biology of Johannes Gutenberg University
D-55099 Mainz
Telephone: ++49-(0)6131-39 25686
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