Malvina Kadlec

Research group of M. Pirie

Research project

Evolutionary diversification in the Erica imbricata clade.

The Erica imbricata clade is a group of closely related species which belong to the genus Erica, the largest clade of flowering plants in the disproportionately species rich Cape Floristic Region (CFR) of South Africa. Using new approaches in targeted ‘next generation’ sequencing, I will obtain multiple resolved gene trees with which to infer a meaningful species tree that can be used to test competing hypotheses of geographic range and character evolution. In so doing, we can yield profound insight into the processes driving the divergence of species, both in the CFR and in general.


Phylogeny, evolution, Erica (Ericaceae), bioinformatics


M. Kadlec, S. Gribaldo, J. Oberto: From Beriberi to the Archaea: evolutionary history of Thiamine biosynthesis. Journée du Département Microbiologie de l’institut Pasteur, Vichy, Frankreich, 27-29 May 2013


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