Prof. Joachim W. Kadereit, Ph.D.

Research interests

Systematics and phylogeny of Papaveraceae


Historical biogeography and evolution of the European Alpine flora

The focus of my research is the evolution of the flora of the Alps and other European high mountain ranges. The majority of current projects looks into different aspects of hybridization and hybrid speciation.

Armin G. Fabritzek | Ph.D. | Hybrid speciation in Sempervivum

Michael Gerschwitz-Eidt | Ph.D. | Hybrid speciation in Saxifraga sect. Saxifraga

Sandra Krause | Ph.D. | Hybrid speciation in Viola sect. Melanium (Violaceae)

Narges Spielmann | Ph.D. |


Phylogeny and evolution of Asteraceae-Senecioneae

Joachim W. Kadereit, Ph.D. | Taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution of Tephroseris